AGM 29GRTU President Paul Abela said that not only was 2018 another busy year for GRTU but it was also an extraordinary year.

This year GRTU started operating from its new headquarters in Floriana. At the same time we also started implementing the biggest EU funding project ever administered by GRTU in terms of value. This is helping GRTU be stronger and more effective, providing GRTU and its members with great benefits”, said the GRTU President.     

Mr Abela also announced the start of a rebranding project which aims to give a new, revamped image to the organisation and one that better reflects what GRTU is and does today. The GRTU President mentioned that we will not forget where we started from, as our history is part of who we are today and we will endeavour to incorporate this into a new brand. This is a very exciting project for us and our members and it will drive GRTU into the future.

Mr Abela also mentioned that he is proud that GRTU has managed to become versatile, extending its membership of over 90 economic sectors to welcome gaming companies, companies in financial services and companies that are based on consultancies.

Ms Abigail Mamo, GRTU CEO, gave a detailed presentation on GRTU’s Annual Report.

Mr Marcel Mizzi, GRTU Vice President Finance and Administration, presented an overview of GRTU’s accounts to the General Meeting.

Mr Paul Abela expressed his gratitude towards GRTU’s staff and councillors for their hard work throughout the year.


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