We would like to draw the attention to the upcoming commencement of the negotiations of a free trade agreement between the EU and Tunisia and sound out your views on these negotiations. The first round of the negotiations will be held in the second half of October. We would like to know what interests and opportunities businesses have in an agreement with Tunisia, also given its proximity to Malta.

In particular we would like to have some comments from interested businesses or businesses already active in Tunisia on what could be or interest or sensitive for your business. The agreement should include the following areas of negotiations:

  • Tariffs on trade in industrial goods (import / export tariffs rates in Tunisia);
  • Tariffs on trade in agricultural products (import / export tariff rates in Tunisia);
  • Non-tariff and technical barriers (e.g. excessive or duplication of regulatory requirements for exporting to Tunisia);
  •  Trade in services (general or by sector);
  • Investment - intention of inward and outward FDI flows (general or specific to areas of interest).
  • Other areas of interest, for example:
  • Specific concerns  on intellectual property rights and protections;
  • Trade facilitation (impediments in Tunisia making trade more difficult at the border);
  • Domestic regulation (impeding trade in goods or services or setup of businesses there);
  • Sanitary and phytosanitary issues (food and drink sectors).

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