GRTU is proud to announce that it has been awarded close to a €100,000 to part-finance its project entitled ‘Enriching Malta’s SME and Self-Employed Representation in Practice’, under the European Social Fund.

The project aims at achieving headway in a short period of time on a number of priority issues such as the digital agenda by shifting Maltese enterprises online and increasing work life balance initiatives through the application of EU wide successful models to the local context.

Training and investment in skills is a main pillar in the project. A significant tranche of the funds will go towards further equipping the resources of the organization through internal training to be able to provide better SME and self-employed representation and services, as well as holding seminars and training programmes for SMEs to provide them with knowledge and skills to strengthen their business and competitiveness.

The project aims to achieve tangible results. GRTU will develop two policy papers drawn up through close consultation with business owners themselves in relation to increasing the take-up of digital strategies in companies and practical implementation of the budget measures.

Increasing and strengthening start-ups is another result the project seeks to achieve. This will be done through close cooperation and empowerment of start-up enterprises and young entrepreneurs. To achieve this aim GRTU will also be undertaking an outreach exercise in collaboration with MCAST by exposing students to the opportunities and realities of being an entrepreneur.

The first planned activity will consist of a dynamic information and consultation session entitled ‘Malta’s Digital economy Gap Analysis: Identify Your Business’ Next Step’. Through this activity GRTU seeks to help Maltese enterprises conquer their digital challenges through the provision of practical skills and guidance, identify problems and limitations that are holding them back and identify proposals to overcome these challenges.

The event will be held over a half day on Tuesday 13th October and was oversubscribed shortly following announcement. Further information may be found on http://bit.ly/1jcJCK3

The project is 85% covered by the European Social Fund. GRTU takes this opportunity to thank MEUSAC for its assistance and support at project planning stage. GRTU also commends the Ministry for European Affairs and the PPCD for their practical approach aimed at ensuring the full uptake of EU funds.



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