The private sector's role to raise standards in Paceville is pivotal

“We need to send a serious enforcement message on Paceville, but to succeed all stakeholders involved including the private sector must act in unity”, This was stated by Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela during a meeting held with the Chamber for Small and Medium Enterprises in Malta on the issue of the amelioration of Paceville entertainment zone and surrounding areas.

The majority of entertainment operators in Malta and Gozo were present for the meeting including a high number of owners of establishments in 


“Government is committed to see immediate improvements when it comes to the issue of safety and security in Paceville”, Hon Abela told those present. He noted Government is currently reviewing regulations that permit a stronger regulatory framework marking clearer responsibilities, for enforcement in the area of health and safety. The increase of fines as a deterrent which is currently under review was also discussed. 

GRTU Tourism President Philip Fenech said that GRTU was working closely with private operators to raise standards in the sector. “Together with the authorities we are taking a constructive approach and making advancements” said Mr Fenech. He noted that through these meetings, GRTU was enhancing the effectiveness of a platform which sees policy makers and the people that work on the ground, working together to understand each other’s realities and devise a way forward.

The private operators raised a number of concerns that they encounter. Amongst the challenges mentioned were the anomalies in the licensing regime and the difficulties with fake and stolen Identity Cards. Others remarked the unlevel playing field created by one off events and by some establishments that are utilised for entertainment purposes but fall within a different licensing category. The need to strengthen the training of a number of security personnel was also pinpointed. 

GRTU stated that this meeting followed the one held recently with the Malta Tourism Authority related to licensing and compliance. In this meeting, they were represented by Tourism President Philip Fenech and CEO Abigail Psaila Mamo. Accompanying the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security Carmelo Abela was Mr Joe Bonello, Policy Advisor 


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