BurdnaraThe Hauliers Section within GRTU, filed a judicial protest in the first hall of civil rights against the Commissioner for Inland Revenue as the legal representative responsible for the Customs Department. Through its judicial protest the hauliers section formally asks for an immediate action to be taken against any persons, being permitted to act as Cargo clearance and forwarding agents, without holding the necessary license.


In its judicial protest the Hauliers Section notes that Chapter 203, Article 3 of the Laws of Malta, clearly states that ‘no person shall act as a cargo clearance and forwarding agent except under and in accordance with a customs permit granted in that behalf by the Comptroller’. Moreover Article 9 of the same Chapter states that importers, exporters and owners of cargo can only transport cargo from or to any customs shed, bonded store, warehouse, verandah, quay or other place of deposit ‘through the services of a cargo clearance and forwarding agent duly authorised in that behalf’.

It is therefore clear that persons being permitted to act as hauliers, without holding the necessary license are going against Articles 3 and 9 of the ‘Cargo Clearance and Transport Act’  

The Hauliers Section within GRTU, is holding the Commissioner of Inland Revenue responsible for any losses and expenses its members suffered or may suffer. Through its judicial protest, the Hauliers Section within GRTU also formally asks the Commissioner for Inland Revenue to immediately stop and intervene against such persons.


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