Mr. Joe Tabone, Senior Vice-President of GRTU, Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises has been elected Chairman of the Users’ Committee representing the users of the Malta Environement and Planning Authority.

The Members of the Committee are appointed by the Minister responsible for MEPA on nominations made by the national organisations represented on the Committee.

The Users’ Committee is autonomous from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and is responsible to the Minister to whom it reports at least every six months. As laid down in the Development Planning Act, the Users’ Committee supervises the general functioning of the Authority particularly to ensure, in the interest of the general public, an expeditious and fair process and transparency and uniformity in the Authority’s decisions and acts. It thus monitors the running of the Authority and proposes such changes to administrative processes and practices as it may deem appropriate.

Entrepreneurs and business interests who have complaints on the operations of MEPA can address their complaints to GRTU on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Committee however, can only take into consideration complaints that are of a generic nature since the function of the Users’ Committee cannot be constrained as representing another form of appeal on issues of specific nature. The GRTU representative on the Committee will present all serious complaints to the Committee for investigation.


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