President Charles J. Busuttil
1st Vice President Joe Tabone
2nd Vice President Mario DeBono
Honorary Secretary General Philip Fenech
Honorary Treasurer Patrick Cutajar
Ass Honorary Secretary General Sylvia Sciberras
Ass Honorary Treasurer Paul Abela
Retailer Division:
President Marcel Mizzi
Vice-President Hubert Agius
Traders Division:
President Anthony T Camilleri
Vice-President Alfred Barthet
Co-ordinator Joe Zerafa
Services Division:
President Carlo Cini
Vice-President Sergio Camilleri
Hospitality & Leisure Division:
President Philip Fenech
Vice-President Sylvia Sciberras
Local Committees Division:
President Paul Abela
Vice-President Peter Abela
Construction & Development:
President Manuel Aquilina
Vice-President Mario DeBono
Gozo Division:
President Maurice Borg


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