It has been brought to our attention that sofa products manufactured by the Company Linkwise of China may have been treated with pesticides to inhibit the growth of bugs.

This pesticide has affected users of these sofas causing them injury. As far as is known, no such injuries have been reported in Malta.


Should your company retail, import or distribute the product in question, you are requested to advise the GRTU without undue delays about this, so as to take the necessary actions as soon as possible.

If you are aware of any person or company who is retailing, importing or distributing this product, please also advise the undersigned to enable the said person to be contacted.

Please ensure also that all products placed on the market are safe. We remind you that the person placing a product on the market is to ensure that such products are safe. Moreover, no person may place a product on the market if he/she is aware that such product is unsafe.

Should you require further information or have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Abigail Mamo @ GRTU.


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